Fashion is often inspired by the natural world: flowers, animals, metal, the ocean. But the new eco-fashion collection by Leila Hafzi is something different. Her stunning collection was inspired by NASA photography of far-off galaxies, unbelievable formations, stars and the distant light that emanates from them. Hafzi’s designs are beyond worldly and speak of a future in fashion that transcends this earthly realm.

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Based in Norway, Hafzi is best-known throughout Europe, but she’s becoming well-known in other circles, too, especially now that she’s on the cover of Eco Fashion World. Sumptuous, flowy, and elegant, her designs were the toast of the Ethical Fashion Shows in Paris. Her green chiffon-like gown collection is popular with celebrity fashionistas looking to set a trend with the next hottest thing.

With regards to the NASA-inspired collection, Hafzi says, “I was inspired by NASA pictures of black holes and distant galaxies, and it made me think of our own fragile ozone layer and the ozone molecule O3.” Her design and dying techniques are centered around everything being handmade and hand-dyed. To get the vibrant colors, they use AZO-free dyes from Nepal, which are the legal standard for dyes in Europe and are not harmful for the health of workers. For paler colors, she is experimenting with herbal Ayurvedic dyes, which should help preserve the purity of the organic materials.

Hafzi’s designs and environmental ethics are truly a beacon of light for the world of eco-fashion. We love how her inspirations become infused in her designs and how fighting climate change is part of her mission. Not to mention her dresses are completely gorgeous and would make any women look like a celestial goddess.

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