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Our undergarments can provide support in more ways than one. Take PACT’s new charitable line of organic-cotton skivvies, for example. A partnership with Architecture for Humanity, the “PACT for Japan” collection features original graphics by industrial designer Yves Béhar, with a humanitarian objective, to boot. To wit, for every pair you buy, PACT will donate 10 percent of sales to reconstruction efforts in the fishing town of Shizugawa in Miyagi, where 70 percent of the buildings were flattened by the devastating tsunami and earthquake in March.

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Unlike making a donation to large charity, PACT earmarks your contribution for one specific purpose. Architecture for Humanity will use the funds to design and rebuild a workhouse and oyster bar for a cooperative of 15 fishermen in the town. “The economy of Shizugawa rests on its fishing industry, so getting fishermen back to work is a crucial first step in revitalizing the town,” explains PACT. “After the 15 fishermen can begin working again, so can the people who support them: the local lunch lady, the delivery men, the ice suppliers, and on and on, thus breathing life back into a town that was nearly destroyed by the tsunami.”

Architecture for Humanity will be using the funds to design and rebuild a workhouse and oyster bar for a cooperative of 15 fishermen in the town.

To make your purchase even more of a no-brainer, the undies also boast easy-on-the-eye designs in brief, boxer brief, and trunk styles for men and bikini, boy short, and thong styles for women. Resembling traditional woodblock prints, the designs evoke three major post-disaster needs—water, shelter, and light—all of which remain ongoing concerns for recovering communities in Japan.

“In the wake of humanitarian disasters of this proportion, new ways emerge to get people activated around a support mission,” says Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity’s executive director and CEO (that’s “chief eternal optimist”). “PACT offers the kind of support we need. With simple products, such as socks and underwear, they can catalyze a global movement from a new generation of consumers who want even their shopping habits to have a positive effect on their world.”

Affordable stocking stuffers, anyone?

+ PACT for Japan $18-$24

+ Architecture for Humanity