Pants to Poverty is doing some soul-searching. The London-based ethical underwear label say it’s moving to India, where it’ll embark upon a “fallow period” ahead of a relaunch in 2015. While operations will continue per usual, the brand will be running point from a farmer’s office in Odisha, so staff members can document—and, where appropriate, assist—with the organic-cotton harvest. “In advance of our exciting plans for 2015, it’s crucial for us to align the brand with the cycle of the farm, which means ensuring that our seasonality works with their farm cycle and not against it,” says Romain Renoux, head of marketing at Pants for Poverty, in a statement.

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The trip to India, Renoux says, will allow the company’s employees to experience Pants to Poverty’s “cotton to bottom” supply chain for themselves.

“At each stage along the supply chain, the team will live, work and learn more about the realities of life for the communities they partner with,” he says. “By spending time with the people who make our clothes we hope to strengthen our relationships. And from this will be born the new collections, designed with the people who make them.”

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