The abundance of greenwashed claims can make even the least cynical among us wary—and weary—of so-called eco-friendly labels. Patagonia, on the other hand, wants you to see right through it. With the relaunch of its Footprint Chronicles website, the outdoor apparel brand lays bare the environmental and social footprint of 90 percent of its Spring 2012 product line. New features include an interactive world map that pinpoints every textile mill and factory in Patagonia’s supply chain, detailed profiles of key suppliers, and film and photo tours of how different products are made.


Although many companies may offer a static list of the factories they work with, but Patagonia wanted to give their customers a “richer, more humanized” view of the steps it takes to produces its clothing and gear, according to Jill Dumain, Patagonia’s director of environmental initiatives

Patagonia wanted to give their customers a “richer, more humanized” view of its supply chain.

“We decided to tear the Footprint Chronicles down and rebuild it from scratch,” Dumain adds. “We knew we could provide our customers with a richer, more interesting, view into our supply chain and an easier way to see each product’s individual environmental and social footprint. The Footprint Chronicles now launches with a world-map view of our suppliers—a customer can see photos of each factory and important stats such as which Patagonia products are made there, factory demographics, and more.”

A work in progress, the new website will link back to Patagonia’s ecommerce pages, allowing customers to make purchase decisions based on a product’s environmental and social specifications, as well as any challenges the company continues to face. Issues that need improvement, such as meeting code-of-conduct benchmarks and full product traceability, will continue to be discussed.

As a bonus, you can bone up on your eco-production basics with Patagonia’s reference library, which offers a primer on materials and corporate practices. You can also visit the FAQ section for a rundown of topics, including how Patagonia chooses its factories and the consequences of global manufacturing.

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