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“True beauty doesn’t come from cruelty,” Ke$ha says in a statement. “That’s why I want to see an end to the testing of cosmetics and personal care products on helpless animals. Please join me in supporting the Humane Society of the United States’ Be Cruelty-Free campaign.”

“True beauty doesn’t come from cruelty,” sats Ke$ha.

Music legend McCartney chooses not to mince words: “If every cosmetic tested on rabbits or mice had a photo on the packaging showing these animals with weeping swollen eyes and inflamed skin, I believe everyone would leave cruelty on the shelf,” he says.

Gervais, who is known as much for his animal activism as his comedic chops, notes the disconnect between marketing and reality. “It’s shocking to think that behind the glamorous advertising and glossy packaging, there can lurk the ugly truth of chemicals forced down an animal’s throat,” he says.

Consumers who want to help can sign the Be Cruelty-Free pledge at in support of an end to cosmetic animal testing and can choose from companies that are certified by the Leaping Bunny—the most rigorous standard in the U.S. for ensuring cosmetics are cruelty-free.

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