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The jacket incorporates a single thin, flexible, and waterproof solar panel on one of its front pockets. Manufactured by AltaDevices, the photovoltaic cells generate enough energy to fully charge a smartphone in about two hours of sun. When not in use, the solar panel can be unbuttoned and stowed away behind a zip pocket on the side of the coat.

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Unisex and one-size-fits-most, the parka itself comprises Blue Loop Originals’ signature recycled denim, derived from secondhand jeans. Another plus? The textile has been crafted with the closed-loop economy in mind, with fibers that can be unraveled using specialized machines.

“The design thrives when surrounded by nature’s elements: sun, wind, and, yes, even water,” van Dongen says in a statement. “We’ve created this new design with great pleasure since we admire the Wadden Sea Society for their work in the UNESCO-World Heritage nature reserve and got inspired by the beautiful and unique area they operate in.”

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