Mischer Traxler gets down to the root (ha!) of craftsmanship with “Scientific Nature of Jewelry” and cultivates a necklace by replacing gemstones with grains. (Designboom)

Dominic Wilcox sprouts a field of 400 Terra Plana shoes, their shoelaces rising up and growing toward the light. (Ecco Eco)

Another day, another Fashion Week event. Sustain Your Style chats with the designer-brainiac behind GREEN Showroom in gay Paree. (Sustain Your Style)

The eco-activewear clothiers at Nau have rolled out a new payment system: Pay half now, then pay the rest later. (Wall Street Journal)

Who says fashion can’t change the world? One organic cotton project is literally saving lives. (EcoSalon)

We generally blanch at writing about YAOTs (Yet Another Organic T-Shirt) but Indie Peace has some pretty spiffy tees for guys and goyls. (MNN)

Pamela Anderson’s new eco-clothing line was dubbed “Borat-inspired.” We don’t think that was a compliment. (Ecorazzi)