What really goes on behind the scenes at a garment factory? Good tours five massive clothing-manufacturing sites in Lima, Peru. (Good)

Your fashion felony may no longer be the subject of hyperbole. Fordham Law School is putting out a shingle for the Fashion Law Institute, a world’s first. (WWD)

The word is out: Carbon-neutral fashion for a hauter—not hotter—planet. (Green By Design)

Conventional cotton farmers are in a tizzy over the “spread of misinformation” about their crops. And some (allegedly) bad math. (Delta Farm Press)

Does eco-fashion need a new name? Julie Gilhart, fashion director of Barneys seems to think so. (TreeHugger)


“Why does it have to be called eco-chic? Why not just chic?”

Livia Firth at Esthetica Press Day in London.