Leather and exotic animal skins don’t have to be synonymous with luxury. Don’t believe us? Just take a gander at Freedom of Animals, whose elegant, cruelty-free bags have led many to dub it the “Céline of vegan fashion.” But the New York-based label, which is beloved by fashion plates such as Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, and Sarah Jessica Parker, has plenty of heart, too. Partnering with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Freedom of Animals has created two limited-edition carryalls in support of the animal-rights group’s lifesaving work.

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In addition to their ethical provenance—Freedom of Animals makes its bags in the United States using post-consumer recycled polyurethane “leather,” organic cotton, and vegetable-based dyes—each style represents a stand against a particular act animal cruelty.

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A tag on #AnimalsWeGotYourBackpack, a baby-blue knapsack, thanks its owner for eschewing animal skins. #TotesforTilly, a black-and-white carrier, honors SeaWorld’s captive orca Tilikum, who performs daily under duress in the park’s cramped quarters.

“Letting hearts be free is a core value that Freedom of Animals and PETA share, so I couldn’t be more pleased to offer a line of special edition PETA bags,” says Morgan Bogle, founder of Freedom of Animals, in a press release. “This new line will help us reach a wider, fashion-forward audience with the message that there’s simply no need for animals to suffer and die for fashion.”

+ #TotesforTilly $208; #AnimalsWeGotYourBackpack $288

+ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals