People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the young’uns to give animal hide the boot. PETA2, the animal-rights group’s youth division, has partnered with the footwear-makers at Macbeth to create a leather-free sneaker for the next generation. Featuring gray canvas, red laces, and PETA2’s “Not a Nugget” chick on the inner sole, the vegan-friendly “Gatsby” kicks off PETA2’s “First Step” campaign, which encourages the under-21 set to purchase only animal-free shoes, clothing, and accessories—as well as donate any gently used leather shoes they might own to charity.

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“The more that kids learn about how animals suffer for leather—and the environment is damaged by it—the less that they want anything to do with it,” says PETA2 director Marta Holmberg in a statement. “Macbeth’s new PETA2 shoe shows how stylish and fun cruelty-free fashion can be, and it’s a great addition to the wide variety of leather-free shoes available in stores and online today.”

The Gatsby will be available at and Journeys stores across the United States.

+ PETA2 x Macbeth Gatsby $69.99

+ Macbeth

[Via Feelgood Style]