As the fashion pack wends its way across the Atlantic, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals treated Londoners to a different kind of runway show. Dressed to kill in little black dresses and spiked heels, a trio of models turned heads—and stomachs—on Thursday by strutting down New Bond Street with the bloodied remains of two foxes. Accompanied by a placard that proclaimed, “Here’s the rest of your fur coat,” the protestors’ message was clear: There’s nothing fashionable about wearing the skin of tortured animals.

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PETA isn’t a stranger to shock tactics. Nor has the animal-rights organization shied away from using Fashion Week as a platform for making its distaste of the industry’s fur obsession known. The New Bond Street stunt, however, marks the first time PETA has used dead animals in a live setting, according to the Daily Mail.

PETA’s carcasses were donated by The Fox Project, an organization dedicated to the protection, rescue, and advocacy of foxes.

“Fashion is meant to be fun, but there’s nothing fun about driving animals insane from a lifetime of confinement and then skinning them for their fur,” Yvonne Taylor, PETA’s senior programs manager, told the British newspaper. “With so many stylish alternatives to fur available, there’s no excuse to harm a hair on a fox’s back.”

Lady Gaga recently incurred PETA’s wrath when the pop diva was spotted wearing a series of animal pelts, most recently a a fox fur stole in Cologne, Germany earlier this month. “The outfit really speaks for itself,” PETA spokeswoman Wendy Wegner told Radar Online. “PETA is considering passing the hat so that someone can buy her a heart.” She added that the pelt appears to be from an arctic fox, which is often electrocuted for its fur.

+ People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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