We despise killing for fur as much as the next warm-blooded mammal, but training our young’uns to pelt rotten tomatoes at pelt-wearers seems a little silly—and illegal. (Ethical Style)

It’s the battle of the luxury conglomerates! Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, going head to head with PPR Group, wants to make EDUN its “Stella McCartney,” according to sources. (Fashionista)

Yves Béhar could crap in a paper bag and call it design and we’d still love it. (Well, maybe.) Although we dig his water-repellent, limited-edition windbreaker, the Teflon coating is a definite Do Not Want. (Lutz and Patmos)

Buying knockoffs doesn’t just cheapen your look. It also turns you into a lying, cheating, soulless monster. Science tells us so. (Fast Co.Design)

Learn how to spin yesterday’s news into recycled newspaper yarn. (Lark Crafts)