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Waldemeyer helped create two pieces for the collection. The first, inspired by the concept of weightlessness, involved whirring LED propellers that created a continuous halo of light around its wearer’s head. The second, an illuminated bell-shaped shroud composed of 6,000 LED lights, was less straightforward.

One of Waldemeyer’s creations was an illuminated bell-shaped shroud composed of 6,000 LED lights.

“[Treacy] presented us with an unusual challenge,” wrote Moritz on his website. “It was a visionary idea that was difficult to achieve using conventional techniques in millinery.” His solution was to weave an intricate mesh of threads around a custom-designed styrofoam core. “The threads are soaked in resin, which when dry are rigid allowing the design to be complex, but also very light,” he said.

The basket-like construct cast a warm glow into the audience, rendering the model almost invisible in her “floating cloak of light.”

Consider this millinery for the 21st century.

+ Waldemeyer Studio

+ Philip Treacy

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