“On my first trip to Nepal, I visited the schools and girls groups supported by GWP, General Welfare Pratisthan, which is a nonprofit working for social welfare in Nepal. …

“Young girls, no older than five years old, were sitting beside their mothers and were elbows deep in fieldwork—and obviously not in school like their male counterparts. Unfortunately, the girls not in school are also the ones being taken by traffickers.

Sex trafficking is one of the bigger issues that girls face in Nepal. I asked if girls in uniform were ever approached by traffickers, and they explained how the uniform protects them from traffickers—traffickers tend not to target girls in uniforms as they know that these girls possess a strong will and confidence, largely due to their education.”

Phoebe Dahl, granddaughter of legendary British author Roald Dahl, explaining why her fashion label, Faircloth & Supply, donates a school uniform and school supplies with every purchase.