Wear a Photochromia shirt inside and it will look one way. Take it outside into the sun and it will magically transform before your eyes to reveal hidden geometries. Photochromia is a collection of garments designed and made through a new collaboration between wearable tech studio, The Crated and Print All Over Me, a platform to make full bleed digitally printed garments. Printed with photochromic inks, which are reactive in UV light, these hats, shirts, pants and even backpacks respond to their environment when moved from inside to outside into the sun.

Photochromia combines new light sensitive, photochromic inks with digitally printed garments to further explore how our clothing can respond to the environment. The team first prints Photochromia graphics, like Schrodinger’s Cat or Parametric equations, onto the fabric with a digital printer. Special photochromic inks are also digitally printed and are activated by photons from UV light. When exposed to sunlight, these inks go from white to black and then when they are taken out of the sunlight, they go back to white. UV light is what changes the ink’s molecular structure and allows it to absorb photons, which makes it appear black.

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The Crated is a New York-based studio that focuses on wearable technology and responsive textiles. They partnered up with Print All Over Me to manufacture their line of responsive garments that react to sunlight. Print All Over Me is a platform that allows designers to produce full bleed digitally printed garments. They own and operate their own manufacturing facility outside of Shanghai and offer their employees health care and fair wages, to have a reliable and ethical supply chain. Photochromia is a special joint project between the companies and garments are being offered up through a Kickstarter campaign with light sensitive hats for $25, shirts for $50, as well as backpacks, sweats, and more.

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+ Print All Over Me