If runways are anything to go by, patchwork will be huge this fall. From Rodarte to Commes des Garçons, pieced fabrics were a hard-to-miss theme at the shows this season. Elizabeth Brunner of PIece x Piece is a master at the technique, so we were thrilled to hear of a mashup between Brunner and another eco-fashion pioneer: Stewart + Brown, which allowed the label to transform its fabric remnants into a series of tunics and neckties.

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The partnership required little finagling. Brunner rang Howard Brown, who co-founded Stewart + Brown with his wife, designer Karen Stewart, in 2002. “They called us and asked if we had any fabric to donate,” Brown tells Ecouterre, “and we said ‘of course.’”

Stewart + Brown is now part of a rung of seven designers who contribute leftover fabric to Piece x Piece.

For Brunner, working with Stewart + Brown makes perfect sense not only because they’re both based in California, but also because they share the same unwavering standards. Stewart + Brown is now part of a rung of seven designers who contribute leftover fabric to her business. “We are so happy to use their beautiful remnants,” Brunner says.

Piece x Piece, says Brunner, is a “swatch collective” that combines fabric scraps in a meaningful way instead of consigning them to the landfill. Each piece is one of a kind, and garment construction always comes first. Brunner hopes Piece x Piece will not only entice people with her beautiful clothes but also inspire others to reuse something in a new way.

Is fashion’s new love for all things piecework something she considers? “I don’t follow fashion trends too closely because I’m sort of the anti-trend line,” Brunner tells us. “What can I say, maybe Piece x Piece started the trend!”

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