Photos by Michelle Blioux

Imagine all the lonely pieces from Shel Silverstein’s Missing Piece serendipitously bumping into each other to create the most unexpected yet ideal compositions. For the debut collection of San Francisco-based eco-fashion label Piece x Piece, designer Elizabeth Brunner appears to have done just that. Instead of searching endlessly for the perfect fabric or design inspiration, Brunner begins the creative process with scrap and sample fabrics she reclaims from local luxury designers such as Erica Tanov, Isda & Co. and Gr.dano. Using materials that would otherwise be thrown into our ever-expanding landfills, Brunner pulls off new silhouettes from the colors and textures she finds, while concurrently drawing aesthetic cues from San Francisco’s urban landscape.

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More important, each piece challenges the consumer to ponder the significance of waste in today’s culture. One person’s trash can always be another’s treasure, and Brunner and Piece x Piece are minding this mantra every day by utilizing innovative techniques to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Each piece challenges the consumer to ponder the significance of waste in today’s culture.

Each Piece x Piece naturally becomes a one-of-a-kind garment. Distinguished by modern, defined, and clean lines, Brunner’s patterns literally exhale precision in their construction. The standouts in the inaugural collection are undeniably the Skylark Wrap, a unique twist on this season’s on-trend maxi skirt, and the Starline V-Neck, which while powerful in its impact, simultaneously embodies femininity.

Piece x Piece is now available exclusively at San Francisco’s Wear Something Rare.

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