If you’ve ever wanted to make your own shoes, now is your chance with the super-easy Pikkpack shoe. Designed by Sarah Gulyas, the slip-on shoes can be woven together at home with just three simple pieces of material. Shipped in flat-pack, the Hungarian moccasin can be customized with varying materials and ribbons.

Making your own shoes may sound like a daunting task, but Gulyas’ easy DIY kit lets you make your own kicks with total ease. Rather than being shipped in a clunky shoe box, the brilliant Pikkpack comes in a simple flat packed envelope that slips into any mail box. Customers become their own fashion designers, picking from colors such as green, pink, blue, yellow or gray.

Each kit comes with three pieces- a sturdy sole in brown or black, a front contour piece, and a heel. Customers also get two shoelace colors, letting you switch it up at your own will. No fashion design or sewing skills are required to assemble the shoes. The Pikkpack pieces come ready to go. All you have to do is open the fabric flaps, and string the pieces together using the provided shoelaces. The shoes even come in their own tote bag for safe keeping.

The easy-wearing slip on moccasins are durable, with a sturdy sole that was made for walking, jumping and even climbing.

Vegans shouldn’t despair. Gulyas tells Ecouterre that he focused on flat-packaging and reducing materials for his inaugural product, but he hopes to soon find a “different, more environmentally conscious material” to work with.

“I reckon that the fact that people make their own shoes, improves the user’s loyalty to the product, and promotes a stronger user-product connection,” he adds. “Therefore, Pikkpack could be considered as a step against fast-fashion trends.”

Previously available for preorder via its original Kickstarter campaign, the shoes are expected to drop in Pikkpack’s dedicated online store at a later date.

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