PIÑATEX \?p?ny? teks\

n. 1 a: A non-woven, leather-like textile derived from the fibers of the pineapple leaf, which is typically discarded after the fruit is harvested. b: Prepared using a process that creates biomass as a byproduct. b: Breathable, pliable, and easily dyed for applications in the fashion, accessory, and upholstery markets. d: Available in different thicknesses and finishes, all biodegradable. 2: Developed in the Philippines by Ananas Anam, a London- and Barcelona-based company founded by Royal College of Art graduate Carmen Hijosa, who has significant experience in the leather industry. 3: The focus of a recent Royal College of Art presentation that showcased sample products by Camper, Puma, and designer Ally Capellino. 4: Not to be confused with piña, a silky yarn also obtained from pineapple leaves.