Intimates retailer Calligramme was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with two big missions: offer classy, sensual lingerie that let women feel wonderful in their own skin, and be the first in the industry to offer 100 percent American-made products that infuse the local economy. Founder Marissa Vogel felt that realizing her vision of growing meaningful, domestic employment opportunities, especially to women, would be a perfect fit for the fashion items that are closest to the female body. Calligramme is celebrating two years open for business this December, with new items perfect for curling up or for adding some seduction to your evening.

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Vogel says that she, “started Calligramme out a supply-chain consciousness as well as realization that meaningful domestic employment opportunities for individuals of all abilities were beginning to become obsolete.” Being a lover of vintage and thrift clothing in her youth, she dreamed of a an easy way to purchase new garments and be sure of their origin. “I began to struggle with purchasing anything from retailers that couldn’t provide transparency in their manufacturing process but especially those that blatantly exploited women, children, and the environment.”

Before embarking in a career in fashion retail, Vogel was a special education teacher, which signification influenced her want to provide jobs for people of ALL abilities. It was mid way through her education career that she knew that she needed to do something about helping people with meaningful employment and giving consumers transparency in their purchases. “Through my work as a special education teacher I noticed that adults living with disabilities also suffered a blow as manufacturing opportunities dwindled”, says Vogel. ” Being able to learn and master a skill, see your work benefiting the environment around you, and earning a paycheck in the process can push you from “having a job” to taking pride in developing a career.”

All of the garments offered through Calligramme’s online store, or flagship location in Pittsburg, provide customers with a guarantee that it was produced in the USA. the producers range from small, in home businesses, to larger contract suppliers, but each is vetted by Vogel through a process of validation and studio visits. “I am proud to be the first online intimates retailer to offer a collection of pieces with a domestic production guarantee.” She is also happy to say that the majority of manufacturers Calligramme works with are women-owned.” She will continue to make sure that  “100 percent of them are dedicated to creating meaningful employment opportunities for Americans while encouraging transparency in the global fashion industry.”

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