Designer Chiu Chih has transformed the disgusting reality of high pollution levels with this stylish breathing apparatus, showcased in some breathtaking photos. The plant-based device is part of a survival kit project Chih has dubbed “voyage on the planet”. These designs were originally inspired by the uncertain state of the world and our future in it, creating a simple and natural solution to a pretty grave problem.

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Chih imagined the equipment that needed to be designed in order to for humans to survive in an apocalyptic and dystopian future. It is more an artistic statement than a useful device, as it is not entirely realistic. The design would not provide enough clean air to be able to survive in toxic conditions.

But with a series of photos this stunning, that detail is of little significance. Instead the project brings attention to the vulnerability of the planet and of humanity, as well as being a call to respond, all through a touching and beautiful work of art.

[Via iO9]