Stealthier than the iPod Shuffle (and just as tiny), Playbutton is a wearable mix tape you can carry on your sleeve, literally. Made in New York City, each MP3-player-in-a-button comes preloaded with a complete album, along with a rechargeable lithium battery and toggles to pause, skip, and adjust the volume. Jamming out with the dope device couldn’t be easier: Simply attach the button on your person (a simple safety pin provides all the functionality you need), plug in your earbuds, and hit play.

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Playbutton has already produced limited-edition LPs from the likes of Mount Eerie (formerly The Microphones) and synth-pop group Bubbles. Also available for your listening pleasure is Love Songs, an Opening Ceremony-compiled selection of previously unreleased tracks from musical acts such as Vampire Weekend, The Magnetic Fields, and Björk. All proceeds from the OC Playbutton will benefit Musicians On Call, a nonprofit that brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of hospital patients.

Opening Ceremony has compiled a series of previously unreleased tracks from acts like Vampire Weekend and The Magnetic Fields.

At $25 a pop, the button offers form and function in one compact package. And although you can’t change the order of songs on the player, nor swap one track for another, you can hark back to the days when we used know entire albums—cassette tapes, even—by heart.

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