From bags made with recycled suit jackets to rescued street-banner carryalls, it’s obvious that the creative minds at Poketo have a yen for reinvention. Its latest makeover project: taking tired leather-clothing and -upholstery disasters and turning them into de rigueur bags. Featuring large upcycled-leather totes, backpacks, and diamond-shape purses that have shed their unstylish past as jackets and sofas, the collection is a testament to the indie label’s knack for discovering the potential in the abandoned and forgotten.

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The upcycled-leather tote is roomy enough to house your laptop and other daily essentials (we’re hoplessly crushing on the quilted design), while the diamond tote is an ideal messenger bag that cleans up nicely when you remove the detachable strap. The laptop backpack is another keeper; even its handles are made with salvaged seat belts.

Inside each bag is an ingenious lining composed of a vintage button-down shirt.

Inside each leather bag is an ingenious lining composed of a vintage button-down shirt. (You can stick your iPod, camera, or cellphone in the shirt pocket for safekeeping.) Plus, each design is unique to its recycled heritage, so no bag is like the other.

+ Upcycled Leather Bags $160-$250

+ Poketo