Pretty Smart Textiles is an exhibition in the Netherlands that showcases wearable technology’s most avant-garde, including a circuit dress (above) that doubles as a musical instrument. (Wired)

Yeah, we have no idea why these cellulite-burning Wonder Sauna Hot Pants didn’t catch on, either. (Huffington Post

U.S. textile mills may be getting run aground by cheap overseas labor, but new automated technology is giving the remaining holdouts a fighting chance. (Reuters)

John Paul Gaultier x Melissa = Le rawr rawr. (Racked)

What’s up with the supersized Forever 21 in Times Square? Nothing good, says EcoSalon’s Amy DuFault. (EcoSalon)

Molecules found in blue-jean ink dyes could result in thinner, more flexible, and more effective solar cells. Yay, science! (TreeHugger)


Think wearable technology’s all sound and fury signifying nothing? Here are seven working concepts that can significantly improve your quality of life. (TreeHugger)