Print All Over Me is a unique concept that has evolved into a fantastic creative platform, bringing artists and designers together to create inspired items of clothing. The title says it all: anyone with a creative flair can set about making their own design to print on top of white fabric and garments that are available on the website. These act as a blank canvas and an awesome opportunity to get designing. Meredith Finkelstein – POAM’s Co-founder and Developer – says that this brings together the creation and curation that happens online back into the real world. “There is a great sense of personal ownership that comes with dictating what you wear and we wanted to push that concept,” she said.

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The website began with the idea of supporting the creative community and showcasing up and coming talent. “It’s like the Shop Local movement taken globally. Shop good design,” Finklestein tells Ecouterre. This also follows suit in their ideas of slow fashion, something she defines as “fashion that is deliberately made, with beautiful fabrics and with skilled crafts people.”

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Sustainability is also at the core of the eco-fashion brand, as everything they make is on demand which in turn creates less waste. Committed to manufacturing ethically, the idea is that all members of the community reap the economic benefits from Print All Over Me’s success; Designers make money on the sales of their designs, and now curators are also able to make money on the items they curate. “Our artisans make four times a living wage,” says Finkelstein.

This genuine respect for all aspects of the design and manufacturing process makes Print All Over Me a fun concept that keeps ethical fashion close to its heart. For more information take a look at the website below.

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