Get ready for the runway rumble! On Friday, Nov. 6, the 10 finalists of Project Green Search will vie for the title of America’s Next Top Green Model at ECCO Ultra Lounge, Hollywood’s most eco-friendly hotspot. But Project Green Search won’t be your typical catwalk battle royale; the contestants, who will be modeling looks from the likes of Deborah Lindquist, Stewart + Brown, Mountains of the Moon, Hessnatur, and Charmone Shoes, will mingle with party guests while acting as brand ambassadors for the designers they’ll be wearing.

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Organized by online eco-fashion retailer Greenloop, Project Green Search is looking for a fresh poster girl for the environmental movement, one who not only knows her way around the catwalk but is also an advocate for all that is green and good. The judges—including Planet Green’s Darren Moore, designer Deborah Lindquist, model and author Summer Rayne Oakes, model and cosmetics queen Josie Maran, and Eco-Chick’s Starre Vartan—will evaluate the finalists’ carriage, eloquence, and expertise before turning in their votes at the end of the night.


Along with a trophy designed by LED artists Robert Van Winkle Jr. and Jessica Feuer, the winner will receive:

Good luck, ladies, and may the best woman crush her competition under her stiletto-clad heel win.

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