We’ve been enamored with eco-fashion visionary Leanne Marshall ever since she debuted her unique designs on Project Runway back in 2008. (In case you missed it, she went on to win Season 5’s grand prize with her highly original sculptural designs.) So you can imagine our excitement when we caught wind of her sustainable Spring/Summer 2010 collection, “Basic Math.” In true “Leanimal” style, Marshall’s latest collection features fun, flirty garments (in organic cotton, silk, and hemp) that she embellished with accordion-style pleating and multidimensional origami folds.

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“Basic Math” is not only mathematically inspired, but it’s also based on a Whitelabel font of the same name. The architectural shaping of the garments more than echo the font’s typography—Marshall cut out the letters in fabric, then folded, pleated, and manipulated them to create her unconventional silhouettes.

“Basic Math,” inspired by Whitelabel’s font of the same name, echoes its typography.

Only four or five designs from “Basic Math” will be produced as ready-to-wear on April 25. The other pieces will be available for custom orders from Marshall’s Etsy store. (She’ll make them herself!) Prices will range from $140 to $525.

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