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Fairly made in Los Angeles, Prophetik Intimates regards itself as a healthier alternative to conventional drawers. All bras, for instance, are free from artificial dyes and metal wiring. Its briefs, handwoven from a blend of organic cotton and hemp, offer a similar consideration. No detail is too small: Even the waistbands are made from undyed American cotton.

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“The truth in why I decided to do intimates…frankly….I want to save lives,” Jeff Garner, Prophetik’s founder and creative director, tells Ecouterre. “Women from breast cancer, like my mother, and men from prostate cancer. It’s a truth that most ignore. Yet being aware, I cannot sleep at night unless I do something about it.”

Garner’s designs have a certain bygone romanticism to them—the man was raised on a horse farm, after all—and his intimates are no different. “As we progress to city life, I dream that we sleep in our intimates and rise in our intimates, hopefully putting on our Jodhpur pants to go jump on our horse for a hack, then into our cocktail dresses for afternoon brunch or tea finally into our gown or formal attire for our nightly supper or ball to attend,” he muses.

It’s a dreamy proposition.

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