No two faces are alike, but eyewear is made to be a one-size-fits-all product. With 3D printing though, the game completely changes and you can get eyeglasses perfectly designed and made for your special and unique face. San Francisco-based startup Protos Eyewear is launching their new line of sunglasses and prescription eyewear that can be customized to fit you exactly. Pick your style, send in a couple pictures of your face and they’ll print you a pair of glasses here in the good ol’ US of A.

Just because a frame looks good on your neighbor or your cousin doesn’t mean it will fit your face. Your face has its own unique geometry including the width of your nose bridge, eye size, face width, length to your ears, etc. Finding the right frame can be a lengthy process involving trying on a lot of eyewear and asking your friend or significant other, “what about these?”. Protos Eyewear wants to change all that with their custom-designed and printed eyewear made to fit your face.

Based in San Francisco, Protos has 24 different styles from which to choose from. When ordering you send in two pictures of yourself (a profile and a straight on with a credit card in the picture for reference). Then the Protos team uses the pictures to size your style to fit your face. They are printed using a high strength composite material that is extremely flexible and impact resistant. Your lens prescription will be filled by an on-staff opthamologist or buy them as sunglasses. Currently Protos offers glasses in any color as long as its black (but they hope to add more colors soon). Their crowd funding campaign is offering the custom printed glasses started at $249.

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[Via Springwise]