If you’re going to lounge around the house in your pajamas all day, you’d be better off ditching your overstretched gray sweatpants for a pair of Punjammies. Available in myriad colorful prints, the lightweight cotton pants are just what July’s sultry temperatures ordered. There’s a feel-good story to go with them, too. Handmade in an after-care facility in India using natural dyes and traditional kalamkari block-printing techniques, each short, capri, or trouser provides fair-trade wages to a woman who has escaped a life of forced prostitution.


The center provides medical care, education, training, and the emotional tools its charges need to rebuild their lives. “Empowering each woman with an opportunity to learn a marketable skill and become a part of a viable business is the purpose of Punjammies,” says the International Princess Project, the California-based nonprofit that runs the initiative. “Every Punjammies tells the story of a girl who was once voiceless. You can be a part of rebuilding lives shattered by modern-day slavery.”

+ Punjammies $15-$45

+ International Princess Project