Purple is a new heirloom wearable device that helps you keep your all treasured photos and messages from loved ones close to your heart. Your phone can hold thousands of images and receive hundreds of notifications or messages, but the only ones that really matter are from close friends and family. The smart jewelry from Artefact Group is designed to bring the super special, important moments and people to the top. A companion app helps you filter who you want to hear from and what treasured images you can carry. Don’t worry, you can still carry thousands of images on Purple, but it’ll be super easy to swipe through them and show them off.

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Back in the day people wore lockets to carry around pictures of their sweethearts or beloved children. Nowadays we carry around phones with pictures of every single one of our friends.

Certainly, our phones are treasured items, but with so many images, notifications, emails and alerts, its hard to weed through all the data to the stuff that really matters to us – messages from our family and closest friends.

Purple is a wearable device that helps your keep your treasured people close to your heart through notifications and images.

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The smart necklace was designed to be an heirloom, with classic clean lines in gold, platinum, silver or titanium.

Connected wirelessly to a companion app, Purple lets you set who those treasured people are and how you can connect with them. The app lets you choose which images to show and lets you communicate with those special friends, family, or children or grandchildren.

Designed first as a piece of jewelry and second as wearable technology, you won’t find a USB port on Purple. Instead simple set the necklace into its charging cradle, like setting other jewelry into a jewelry box, and the device charges wirelessly through the black back.

Unfortunately, Purple is not yet available for sale, but stay tuned to the Artefact Group for updates.

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