QMILK \?kyo?o milk \

n 1 a: A trademarked name for milk fiber, a silky textile derived from an odorless protein found in mammalian milk. b: The brainchild of Qmilch, a company founded by German designer Anke Domaske. c: Based on casein found in soured “secondary milk” that’s i. no longer suitable for human consumption and ii. headed for disposal. 2: Unlike other milk fibers, Qmilk makes efficient use of water—2 liters for every kilogram of fabric—and requires no harmful chemicals. It also leaves behind zero waste. 3: Alleged properties include moisture management, bacterial resistance, and reduced skin irritation. 4: The primary material found in Domaske’s Mademoiselle Chi Chi apparel collection. 5: Blends well with other fibers, with potential applications in the home-, technical-, and medical-textile industries.