The newly launched rabbit performance running apparel brand lets dedicated runners “run free.” The affordable line was designed without all the bells and whistles, created after rigorous study to actually fit properly in full movement. The anti-fuss running apparel line is also completely sustainable, made entirely in Los Angeles, California in a shop paying a fair wage.

Rabbit was developed by runners who faced the annoyances of some running gear- bunchy shorts, shirts that are way too long, fabrics that are supposed to be breathable but end up just restricting. After eighteen months of testing out styles, fits and fabrics, the rabbit line was completed.

Each piece in the collections are meant to endure wear and tear, including dirt, mud, rain, pavement, sandy beaches and even constant washings. The durability means clothes last longer, meaning less waste in the landfill.

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The pieces are also cling-free, sag-resistant, as well as scratch and chafe-free. RabbitMESH lines both men’s and women’s shorts, giving a breathable but comfortable supportive fit.

In addition to quality and comfort, the company is also committed to staying local for manufacturing, hoping to grow new jobs in California as the company grows. The first look at their line is available for a discount through rabbit’s Kickstarter campaign, giving runners a leg up on running gear made by runners, that also supports the local economy.

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