A trusty and sturdy umbrella is a good thing to have when you live in the city, but how many have you lost to gusty winds? A new umbrella design by UK maker Hospitality Umbrellas could revolutionize your walk to work in the rain. The Rainshader is a brand new helmet-shaped umbrella design that is capable of withstanding 40 miles-per-hour winds. The helmet design also provides better rain protection, doesn’t drip on anyone and won’t poke anyone in the eye.

The Rainshader was designed by Hospitality Umbrella owner Stephen Collier, who came up with the idea while at a sporting event battling the wind and the rain. Even though Collier owned an umbrella company, he realized the traditional shape just really wasn’t doing a very good job. And at sporting events, it’s all but impossible to see around them, not get dripped on, or manage not to poke someone in the face with the pointy ends.

Collier’s Rainshader is made out of the same materials as regular umbrellas and features a 10-spoke fiberglass rib system that collapses down compactly. The helmet design allows water to drip down and away, while allowing the holder to see out and stay dryer. The product has been engineered to withstand gale force winds and even with through testing in the wind tunnel at Coventry University. With a stronger, wind-proof umbrella, hopefully you won’t be throwing them out as often, although if you’re hoping to cuddle under a umbrella with your sweetie for a romantic walk in the rain, this isn’t the one to use.

The Rainshader is available online through its website, where you can customize the six different colors with your company’s logo.

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