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How many items of clothing do you have in your closet and how much of your closet do you actually wear? Labour Behind the Label wants you to think long and hard about that question and then take it a step further with a fashion fast to raise money contributing to their work supporting garment workers in their struggle for better rights and working conditions. According to the Six Items Challenge, the average American purchases nearly 70 pieces of new clothing per year. “This equates to 20 billion new garments bought in the USA alone, many of these are contributed to clothing that costs about as much as a newspaper or cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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While the Six Items Challenge kicked off two days ago, you can still participate by choosing six main items of clothing from your wardrobe and then only wear those six items for 40 days. You can even create your own custom challenge for Labour Behind the Label, and raise money by hosting a clothing swap or simply create your own timeline like Sarah Mazzone of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania recently did.

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By wearing only six items from your closet for six weeks (your six doesn’t include any underwear, socks, shoes, accessories, performance or work-out clothes, work uniforms, or pajamas), you might just realize how powerful 6 pieces of clothing really are and as the Labour Behind the Label website says, “You are encouraged to customise, accessorise, and stylise each item as you go along. If you get bored of an item, just get out the scissors, the sewing machine and the thread, and create a new look. You never know; you might find the inner fashion designer you’ve always wanted to be. And once the Challenge is over, you might never go back!”

To download information on becoming a participant as well as fundraising ideas, go to the Six Items Challenge page.

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