Ralph Lauren’s men’s athletic line, RLX, recently released a new line of high-performance bags, one of which features an integrated solar panel. Made in Italy from a thin, seamless, and water-resistant material, the Solar Panel Backpack generates enough juice to charge an iPod or cellphone in a matter of hours. Luxury, style, and solar power, all in one.

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The RLX line for men is designed for luxury, technology, as well as performance, and the new solar backpack is befitting of that ideal. Besides thick adjustable shoulder straps, the backpack includes a handle on its side for use as a portfolio. Perfect for carting around your laptop or iPad on your next boating expedition, the carryall zaps up a 3.45 watt current, which can charge a small device in two to three hours when the sun is at full strength.

The bag zaps up a 3.45-watt current, which charges a small device in two to three hours when the sun is at full strength.

The backpack is available in orange and black for the princely sum of $795, although you can purchase an identical version, sans solar panel, for $400 less. Yacht owners only need apply.

+ Solar Panel Backpack $795

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[Via Aquire]