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I wrote this poem for my mom [Ecouterre writer Amy DuFault] on Mother’s Day hoping to impress her with my knowledge of what she does for a living. Knowing about some of the tragedies that occur when people are careless with the environment and other people—and the horrible process that has to be done just to make the clothes—makes going to the mall hard for me. Understanding all this is something else entirely. I have personally, finally acknowledged that I can’t go shopping at fast-fashion stores and other mall stores every weekend, and I need to accept that I can’t have everything at the expense of others dying for me just to make it. Clothes just aren’t that important if that’s the process that needs to happen in order for me to get them. I hope you enjoy my poem!

Seas are green
When they are dirty, they’re black
When you’re saving the environment,
I’ve always got your back

Whether it’s in Bangladesh
Or here in Mashpee
Many kids don’t see what I see

When you go into Forever 21,
People don’t know what they’ve done
Fires ablaze in Bangladesh
It’s only just begun

If we don’t stop them,
The world will shun
Shun meaning I’ll stop growing,
No more birds will sing
But there’s so much to the table you can bring!

You can stop them
Let’s form a team
And chase my Mom’s
Awesome dream

Because she loves the environment,
And I love her
So let’s stop fast fashion
And make the earth our passion