We all know that wearable tech won’t become pervasive until it not only works well but looks great too. Jewelry and hand bag designer, Rebecca Minkoff though might just have a solution. Working in collaboration with Case-Mate, Minkoff has come up with a couple of pieces that seem more like jewelry than a sophisticated piece of wearable technology. A gold link chain bracelet vibrates and blinks with important incoming phone calls, another serves as a backup battery source in a clinch. Looks like the perfect accessory for professionals on the go.

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Minkoff is known for her elegant, but edgy jewelry and handbags and known she may become known for her fashionable and functional wearable technology. The designer has already come up with a line of ‘Functional Fashion’ items including a wallet designed to fit a phone plus cash and cards as well as a clutch-shaped speaker. To that list, Minkoff will also add two bracelets with integrated wearable technology.

“Our girl wants to wear bracelets and jewelry and she has this relationship with technology, but for us, we’re adding function into very fashionable items she would choose to buy, whether they were tech-enabled or not,” CEO Uri Minkoff told Women’s Wear Daily.

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The first item is a gold chain-link bracelet with a pyramid studded bar that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. When predetermined people call or text, the bracelet will light up to alert you discreetly. So if you’re in a meeting or at dinner, you aren’t disturbing anyone else or constantly looking at your phone, but you are aware if you need to take a call or deal with a message. The second piece is a lightning cable bracelet with a USB connector, a leather strap, studs, and a clever clasp to conceal the charging apparatus for on the go power. The notification bracelet will cost $120 and the charging bracelet will be $60. Both will debut at Minkoff’s upcoming spring 2015 runway show in New York.

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