You won’t have any trouble spotting Kazmok’s carryalls at the baggage carousel. The Dutch label crafts its award-winning suitcases and laptop bags from discarded conveyor belts, which it obtains in a range of colors and patterns from various flower, postal, distribution, and recycling depots across the Netherlands. Featuring a tough, leather-like “hide” that proudly retains the scuffs and bruises of its previous existence, each one-of-a-kind carryall is designed to survive even the most unforgiving of travel itineraries.

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Kazmok founder Dinand Stufkens finds poetic justice in recycling conveyor belts, which he relates to mass production and our throwaway culture. Conversely, Kazmok makes products that “last a lifetime, are daring, and have a stylish character,” he says.

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