From inner-tube swings in summer to ad-hoc snow sleds in winter, recycled tires are an indelible part of America’s childhood landscape. But why should kids hog all the fun? At My Sister’s Art, repurposed rubber gets the grownup treatment, metamorphosing from discarded bicycle inner tubes into eminently wearable statement jewelry. The fashion label also happens to be a sister act: Kathleen Nowak Tucci designs and creates the gallery-worthy pieces, while Margaret Nowak Dobos handles business and promotion.

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Tucci, who minored in biology in college, is an artist by trade (watercolor, ceramics, polymer clay, precious metals) and an environmentalist at heart. After noticing the inner tubes that her local bike shops threw away on a regular basis, Tucci gathered an armful and began experimenting. Et voila: Geometric designs that exude the structural beauty of modern art.

My Sister’s Art’s geometric designs exude the structural beauty of modern art.

While Tucci’s hand-crafted necklaces, lariats, and bracelets are mesmerizing, they also serve a higher purpose. Roughly 290 million scrap tires are generated each year in the United States alone, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Because tires don’t biodegrade easily and they’re rarely recycled, they usually wind up in landfills for perpetuity.

Though small in scope, My Sister’s Art is doing its bit to turn a potential environmental hazard into gorgeous accessories—keeping the drama on your neckline and out of our waste stream.

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