Photo by Keep It Up

In the Department of Strange But True, you can now recycle your most intimate of intimates through a bra-redistribution program named, quite appropriately, Bosom Buddy. Get it? Boso…never mind. (Mother Nature Network)

Adili, the U.K. eco-fashion retailer that recently rebranded itself as Ascension, is asking to have its shares suspended “pending clarification of the company’s financial position.” (The Guardian)

Saks has made an out-of-court settlement of a lawsuit filed by the Humane Society over several retailers’ mislabeling of their “faux fur” products. (Turns out it was really raccoon dog.) Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus settled previously, leaving Macy’s the remaining holdout. (The Cut)

Pick up a pretty bauble for yourself or your sweetie—and help relief efforts in Haiti—with Love Heals’ newest collection, which benefits Doctors Without Borders. (TreeHugger)

Prince Chuck may be rallying for sheep over in Great Britain, but President Obama wants to nix a program for wool manufacturers from the federal budget. (WWD)


Our pals at EcoStiletto are giving away more than $400 in eco-swag, including two $60 PACT organic-cotton panty sets, a $125 Nepali by TDM Design fair-trade silk/cashmere scarf, and four $25 Bella Floria natural skincare shopping sprees. (EcoStiletto)