Re/Done is more than just a denim label, but rather part of the sustainable fashion that transforms aged denim into stylish and creative new looks. The Re/Done team take apart denim jeans at the seams and give them a new lease of life. This is nothing new, as pre-loved faded denim has long been a favorite among consumers. But this repurposed denim is transformed locally in Los Angeles using sustainable production methods, with no harmful chemicals used in the process. They take on new styles including skinny and boyfriend jeans, are all hand-cut and unique and maintain an element of the jean’s original character embedded within them. The brand see the wear and tear of the denim like a historic record of their use. Vintage Levi’s denim, says Re/Done’s website, only gets better with age; it is a celebration of the past and a continuation of the jean’s story.

As well as this environmentally conscious element, the celebration of classic American products is at the core of Re/Done’s philosophy. According to Mia Zee from Re/Done’s marketing department, this is achieved through the modernization of those products.

“We are motivated to make heritage brands such as Levi’s relevant in the luxury fashion space,” she said. The objective is to deliver sustainable luxury products while bringing relevance to such historic American brands.

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The brand is also committed to giving customers the opportunity to chose their own vintage denim jeans online, without having to spend hours trying on out of fashion vintage denim cuts. They combine contemporary fashion with the beauty of worn denim and say this means consumers will never have to sacrifice personality for shape. As their name grows Re/Done is expanding its horizons to incorporate a collection for men’s fashion too. “We plan to launch our men’s collection in a few months and have collaborations planned,” said Mia.

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