Where some see a worn-out sweater destined for the dumpster, ReFleece founders Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller see an excellent way to keep your electronics free from dust and scratches. Eco-conscious consumers will enjoy their line of upcycled iPad and Kindle cases made from recovered fleece jackets and scrap. Soft an colorful, the fleece not only helps shelter your digital devices from the elements, but helps to find a new home for clothing kicked out of the closet.

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Husband-and-wife team Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller began ReFleece with the belief that products should be sustainable as well as functional. Their line of cases are designed by Palmer, an avid outdoorsman whose credentials range from project management for consulting firm IDEO and helping to develop Patagonia’s first surfboard. Jennifer Feller, a graduate of Yale and Harvard, manages the company and brings over a decade of consulting experience for nonprofit charter schools. The material used for the colorful outside layer is sourced from U.S.-manufactured fleece salvaged from the Patagonia Common Threads Initiative. Inside the case, the grey layer comes from post-industrial, recycled fleece scrap.  Neither melted down nor shredded, the two fabrics are pressed together using a low-energy process to form the body of the case. Made from PET plastics, the fleeces are also fully recyclable and can be tossed directly into the bin.

By ensuring that the cases are manufactured, sewn, and packaged in the United States, ReFleece adheres to practices that minimize the company’s carbon footprint and support local businesses. Dedicated to making socially and ecologically ethical choices, ReFleece is also a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that a portion of its retail sales go to nonprofits dedicated to caring for the environment.

ReFleece cases are currently sold at Patagonia Stores nationwide, Uncommon Goods, and through its official website.

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