In celebration of Earth Month, eco-chic fashion brand Reformation launched RefScale, a detailed “eco-gauge” feature on every product page informing customers how much of an impact their purchase has on the environment. This visual compares Reformation’s impact on water and CO2 with that of traditional manufacturing methods for every piece of clothing on the brand’s site. The comparison also informs the customer of the total amount in water and CO2 saved by purchasing Reformation garments. RefScale not only encourages increased transparency within the fashion industry but also motivates consumers to purchase based on more informed decisions.

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“[RefScale] helps us keep our true costs in mind when we make design and business decisions, and motivates us to create better solutions. More importantly, it shows people the total cost of fashion and empowers them to make their own choices,” explains Yael Alfalo, CEO and founder of Reformation.

The brand will also be adding waste, toxicity, and fair labor stats to the RefScale in the coming months as well as publishing an end of year report with totals of all the resources used, saved, and invested in production and manufacturing.

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“In running a company, I learned pretty quickly that when you spend money, you need to know it’s an investment and there will be more on the way. The same goes for the environment. Better isn’t sustainable, it’s just better. We need to invest in programs that actually replace what we have spent,” says Alfalo.

Along with using RefScale to measure impact along the entire supply chain, Reformation will also purchase carbon offsets for the total amount created in manufacturing to support environmental regeneration.

To kick-off RefScale, Reformation launched the Low Carb Collection, which features garments produced with the lowest carbon footprint possible. The gorgeous new collection includes tops, tunics, dresses, jeans, and jumpsuits in neutrals and brights with effortless, bohemian-chic silhouettes true to Reformation’s repertoire.

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