Photo by Drew Brennen

Depending on how you look at it, aeronautics has nothing or everything to do with fashion design. In Renee Corrick’s case, it’s undoubtedly the latter, and the erstwhile engineer’s work at Aviation Partners Boeing was indispensable in laying the foundation for her innovative, expertly constructed silhouettes. At the recent EcoLavish fashion show in Seattle, each piece had a distinct architectural quality, with precise, sculpted volume and structural details that seemed to hover over the body in a way that was both protective and expressly feminine.

Renee Corrick

Photo by Mike Luong

Corrick was inspired by her grandmother, an accomplished seamstress, to take the leap from engineering to apparel design. After taking a few classes at a local college in Australia, she moved to Seattle to attend the New York Fashion Academy, where she cultivated an aesthetic that is Balenciaga-meets-Proenza-Schouler, with an aeronautic twist.

Corrick’s aesthetic is Balenciaga-meets-Proenza-Schouler, with an aeronautic twist

A desire for a healthy and happy planet, along with the belief that “fashion can be responsible without sacrificing personal style,” however, remains at the core of her collection. Her line, 6 Degrees, utilizes organic and fair-trade materials, including a luxurious hemp/silk charmeuse (her favorite) and an organic striped denim. She hopes to explore organic wool in the future, as well as employ women in indigent countries to help produce her collections.

Renee Corrick 6 Degrees at EcoLavish

Photo by Mike Luong

“I was in Africa a few years ago and saw so many women still using human-powered, treadle-like sewing machines to create fantastic traditional clothing,” Corrick tells Ecouterre. “Someday soon, I’d like to work with women like them, really refine their construction skills, and have them act as my vendors. That way, they can learn business skills, have a market for their products, and gain financial independence so they can put their children through school and build stronger communities.”

A desire for a healthy and happy planet remains at the core of 6 Degrees.</blockquote

If a human being needs only sustenance, clothing, and shelter to survive, then one might say that Corrick’s collection has everything covered. A sustainable future? Check. Clothing with style? Check. A home for a woman’s body that is structurally sound? Check.

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