If there’s one indication that our obsession with social media is veering dangerously into codependence, it’s Replay’s upcoming line of jeans. So intent is the Italian denim label in obliterating the divide between our real and virtual lives that its “Social Denim” collection comes with Facebook and Twitter capabilities built right in. Due to hit stores in December, each pant features a extra “fifth” pocket that contains a Bluetooth-connected transmitter. Pair the device with a smartphone and you can use one of a series of buttons to broadcast your mood and/or current location in the blink of an eye. We’d ask “why?” but the company would probably just respond with “why not?”

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Replay isn’t the first company to incorporate social networking into clothing, nor do we expect it to be the last. We’ve seen dresses that tweet, hoodies that ping, and even vests that turn Facebook “likes” into physical hugs.

Connected clothing, whether we like it or not, is on its way to becoming mainstream.

Connected clothing, whether we like it or not, is on its way to becoming mainstream, particularly since there’s money to be made off it. Replay’s Social Denim jean, for instance, will shower you with discounts or sales alerts if you’re in the vicinity of a physical Replay store—a clever way to reinforce brand loyalty and generate repeat business.

Available in time for the holidays, the collection comes in your choice of blue or black and regular-slim or skinny fit for men and skinny or baby bootcut for women. Prices are expected to range between €150 ($192) and €199 ($254).

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