At first glance the RESMO design looks like a quirky modern chair. But if you have ever experienced a long delay at the airport, you will understand the beauty of this wearable shelter. This portable piece of furniture is by designer Ko Chien-Hui, and the winner of the Red Dot Design awards. The shelter is specifically designed for passengers waiting at an airport to make their stay a little more pleasant. So instead of having to curl up on a hard seat under the bright airport lights, RESMO’s users can fold out the shelter and enjoy their delay in contemporary style.

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The folding shelter creates a semi-private space that can be transformed to suit what the passanger needs. They can sit, lie down, have a backrest, and even pull down a side to give them a little extra privacy. The design is cool and stylish, and can be folded away or stored flat making it highly convenient for use by passengers. And perhaps airports and airlines will begin to provide the designs to help keep tired travellers content.

+ RESMO at Red Dot Award