Although we first brought you news about the top-secret collaboration between eco-fashion powerhouse Loyale and jeweler-to-the-stars Gemma Redux back in September, we were pinkie-sworn to secrecy about the actual designs. (Drat!) There’s no need to whisper anymore, however, with the official launch of the two glittery necklaces—designed and named for eco-celebs Natalie Portman and Emily Deschanel—which are as fabulous as their Tinseltown namesakes.

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Crafted with love in New York City by Gemma Redux’s Rachel Dooley, each one-of-a-kind neck candy comprises 100 percent reclaimed gold chain and vintage chandelier crystals. They’re also ultra-exclusive: Only 10 “Natalie” and 10 “Emily” necklaces will be made.

The “Emily” and “Natalie” are crafted in NYC from 100 percent reclaimed gold chain and vintage crystals.

“I love the idea that something quite simple and un-useful such as vintage gold chain can be created into a decadent, eco-chic, must-have piece of jewelry,” Jenny Hwa, Loyale’s founder and designer, tells Ecouterre. “Rachel is immensely talented. I am thrilled that our friendship led to a collaboration and she has applied her creativity to Loyale in celebration of Earth Month.”

+ Natalie Necklace $368

+ Emily Necklace $398

+ Loyale

+ Gemma Redux