Cycle chic gets a leg up with an urbane collection of bike accessories that are as eco-friendly as your carbon-eschewing two-wheeler. Featuring a ventilated helmet cloche, gloves, ankle booties, and a bag, the conceptual Rilfa line by Scully is a deft marriage of organic wool, vegan leather, and reflective trim, designed by an avid cyclist for avid cyclists.

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For Brooklyn-based designer Kathleen Scully, a fashion-industry veteran who is working on a master’s of industrial design at Pratt Institute, safety and style should not be mutually exclusive, especially on bustling city streets. “Riding around Brooklyn, I saw many women riding without helmets or any other safety gear,” she tells Ecouterre. “I thought that if they had more stylish safety equipment to wear, then we could all be pretty and safe.”

The Rilfa collection was designed by an avid cyclist for avid cyclists.

The Rilfa accessories were designed not only to coordinate with one another, but also as an interchangeable system of pieces that can be continually reworked. If the line goes into production, Scully plans to offer a take-back program that will plunder scrap materials for future products.

Bicycle, meet life cycle.

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