For Riz Boardshorts, the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic choking up the world’s oceans is 5.25 trillion pieces too many. The British swimwear label wants to transform some of that dross into the world’s first 100 percent recycled board short. Although Riz’s lineup already incorporates recycled polyester, derived from post-consumer plastic bottles, the company has its sights on a loftier goal: ensuring that every product it makes—”every trim, zipper, and drawstring”—comprises 100 percent recycled and recyclable components.

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Riz plans to debut its first waste-plastic item by 2016—that is, if it can raise the £15,000 in funding it needs. “We believe in protecting what we love and, through the development of Riz Boardshorts, it is our mission to transform beach and ocean plastics into beautiful products,” says Ali Murrell, who co-founded the brand. “We are turning to the public to help us achieve this, because we realize that it will take a movement to truly change the industry.”

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Supporters of the campaign will be repaid in kind with a variety of rewards. Up for grabs? Products from Riz’s upcoming collections, membership in its “Rizcycling” board-short recycling scheme, bespoke design workshops, and even surfing trips with its ocean ambassadors.

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